Parent Support Squad 

What: Support group for parents of teens with suicidal thoughts

Who: Parents of teens 13+

Where/ When:  Colorado Springs- Preregistering now for late July/ early August start

Day and time TBD 

Where/ When: Parker- Preregistering now for late/ July early August start

Day and time TBD 

Topics to be covered: 

- Warning signs and risk factors

- Building a support system for the family and for each member

- "Typical" teen behavior vs. when to be concerned

- Positive coping strategies for parents and how to model these for teens

- How to have the tough discussions about mental health, suicide and self harm

- Self harm vs. suicidal ideation

- When outside help or a higher level of care is needed

-Considerations for different ages/ developmental stages

-How to handle suicide concerns for a teen who is resistant to open up or had oppositional behavior

- Overview of the family system and how some of the learned patterns may contribute to suicidal behavior and how to change those learned patterns

This group is led by our qualified mental health professionals who will teach the above skills and facilitate discussion among the group participants.  Members are provided the opportunity to receive different perspectives, support, encouragement, and feedback from others regarding their relationships with others,  and experiences over the past week and leave group therapy feeling supported and empowered, while learning to skills to improve their knowledge and confidence in parenting a teen who is struggling with emotional challenges.

This registration form is required to be completed for clients new to the practice. 

Cost is $50 per session-out of pocket; we are in network with Anthem, Aetna, and Tricare, so we can bill insurance if you are covered by any of these companies. (Deductible and copays will apply, but the rate for each group session will be based on your specific plan and will not exceed $50 per session.) 

We will require a credit card on file for all participants- we are able to accept FSA and HSA cards.  

*For other insurance, we will provide a superbill that you can submit if your plan reimburses some or all for out of network costs.

(There will not be a session charge per parent, if both caregivers would like to attend, just one fee per family, per session.)